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The November 11 Movement and the community of Against the Tide TV wish to express their outrage at the scandalous decision of the organizers of the International Chopin Piano Competition to present Taiwanese pianists as coming from communist China. We would also like to express solidarity and compassion for the Taiwanese people who have been so scandalously treated and insulted by the Polish authorities, which in majority are from allegedly conservative and anti-communist Law and Justice political party. The competition is organized, among others, by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Government of Law and Justice.

The International Chopin Piano Competition is one of the most important Polish cultural events on an international scale. It is of great popularity and reputation in the Far East. This is why decision to qualify Free Taiwanese as pianists from the criminal regime of communist China is incomprehensible and shameful.

Further to the situation and the decision being upheld by the organizers of the Competition, we demand :

1. Immediate apologies to the Taiwanese people for this scandalous insult.

2. Resignation of persons responsible for the organization of the International Chopin Piano Competition, and in particular the resignation of Piotr Glinski, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

November 11 Movement
Against the Tide TV


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