Evolution is leftists conspiracy. Everybody knows how really it was.

Evolution is leftists conspiracy serving promotion of rape, pedophiles and Muslim refugees. To tell the truth, people lived on Earth with dinosaurs and it was few thousand years ago. Poland joins in small steps, with USA and Turkey and other countries, where opposition against the evolution becomes important element of right political program. Saying: “few days ago Poland hold breath in front of TV sets” is maybe a little to much, but surely, at least few hundred people choked with tea or bit a pilot instead of crackers. Those who watched program “Minela Dwudziesta” heard voice of expert connecting with Michal Rachon. This was Eunika Chojecka who reasoned that theory of evolution is a leftists plot. Leftists follow Darwin in thinking that human being is an animal, continued Eunika Chojecka, quote: “consequently we are not under obligation to follow any moral principles recorded by God in the Bible (I recommend to read it), there is also no good or evil. According to theory of evolution, transmission of genes forward is the best thing. Based on that theory leftists and particularly anti-Christian left, begins to justify rape and pedophilia as natural behavior of human being. […]. No wonder, that left invites Muslim immigrants, who also have the same opinion about rape and pedophile” end quote. Eunika Chojecka about evolution in TVP Info/ Source: twitter.com/tvp-info. This is no more some dark and secluded place on Internet, where you wandered by mistake, looking for funny films about cats or techno-mixes of political speeches. This is a real thing, transmitted live, on government television, during hours of best and largest viewers population. Additionally, this last appearance of Eunika Chojecka is not a single escapade. This is consecutive chapter in developing for years history of specific extreme right branch, building its identity on negation of Darwin’s concept (presented, by the way, in maliciously simplified manner). Previously, concept of humans descending from monkeys was a laughing matter for Maciej Giertych (euro-deputy from Liga Polskich Rodzin) or Marian Kowalski (candidate of Ruch Narodowy for President), who made fun of that idea. Giertych fights Darwin/ Video:tvn24. There is a method in this madness. Those, who like Eunika – undermine evolution, do not do it because of scientific inquiry, but to exchange story about transformation of species with very concrete vision of the world and coupled with it political program. Eunika is a daughter of pastor Pawel Chojecki. He is a pastor of the Lublin Church of The New Testament (Kosciol Nowego Przymierza w Lublinie). At this time it is one of very few Polish examples of phenomenon, called in USA “Nondenominational Christianity”, that is “non-confessional “ churches. They distance themselves from larger structures and official branches of Christianity, such as Catholicism, Lutheranism etc. No wonder that many of them stressing value of freedom and individual decisions, show extreme distrust to big institutions, governmental structures etc. Churches of this kind are one of the bases of radical republican views, celebrating individual freedom, right to own arms, low taxes etc. It would not be a surprise that among their pastors and believers, Donald Trump was more favored than Hillary Clinton. Church of this kind is a community built around a personality of charismatic preacher. Many of them in the evangelistic mission masterly utilize media – in the past it was press and television, today it is first of all Internet. Some make of their service and preaching a real show, sometimes combined with healing or casting out demons. Sometimes it happens that this type initiatives transforms themselves into family business, like in case of famous exorcist Bob Larson from Phoenix Arizona, USA, who his teenage daughter and her two talented in martial arts girlfriends, trained to be conquerors of demons! Teenage hunters of evil traveled with him all over the world, chasing evil spirits and standing up against powers of darkness. Pastor Chojecki bets on different form of spectacle, but in many respects he is a perfect example of transplantation on Polish ground, many of most effective practices exercised by charismatic American preachers. He openly tells about necessity of active participation of Christians in political process, radically criticizes institutional church – Catholicism and even other Protestants. He also very skillfully utilizes new media, among other things he leads channel “Idz Pod Prad TV (meaning Go Against the Tide) with 8 thousand subscribers. And of course he has a daughter, who more and more actively includes herself into work of her father. Eunika does not fight with demons in a style of Buffy, tamer of vampires; however her latest medial appearances, surely will help to deserve a title – fearless tamer of leftists.Television appearance was not the first widely known anti-evolution action organized by Eunika Chojecka. Last year, pastor Chojecki’s daughter, doctor degree student in Politology Department UMCS, tried to organize in her University a conference about creationism and evolution. When authorities of the University did not give permission for this event, Chojecka has written a letter to the Dean of the Biology and Biotechnology Department UMCS where she called his action an “intellectual cowardice”. Finally the case has been discontinued on the ground of becoming extinct. Chojecka commented this : “I will continue to say what I think and in my judgement such position does not offend dignity of PHD Fellow.” No wonder, that father is proud of her. “ Two days ago million Poles saw Eunika […] waving New Testament” – bragged recently on his internet television and compared his daughter to… Donald Trump, who also in front of millions TV viewers has boldly defended Christian values. Why right doesn’t like evolution? Well, as a matter of fact, what theory of evolution has to do with freedom views? What is Darwin connection with world leftist plot? – “Christians can’t back -off even one centimeter from revealed truth about creation – explained few days ago pastor Chojecki. – Because if we back-off in question of creation then we immediately disappear. Every other fortress will be conquered by left. This is the reason why we stand here – in this place where Bible begins (…) This is a consequence of creation. Will you behave like monkey, like journalist of “Gazeta Wyborcza”, or like human being created in the image and likeness of God”. Right, from under the banner of Chojecki, percepts evolutionism as dangerous story about world, which undermines fundamental principles of their world view. And there is a great deal of good reason for it.! Was Darwin a leftist? Evolutionist cause us to ask difficult questions and confront with psychologically not comfortable reality. First of all shows that for billions of years world existed without us. Rejection of theory of evolution allows to get rid of disturbing truth about eons of time, when world perfectly managed to exist without homo sapiens. People like to be in the center. We don’t like to be reminded that we live on the particle of dust hanged on peripheries of galactic and additionally in the period of time lasting merely twinkle in history of the universe. Creationists propose alternative narrative, in which human beings, from very beginning were most important, and all nature was under their rule. Global warming is another conspiracy. In light of their views stories inspiring imagination, like arc of Noah or chariots… pulled by dinosaurs, become trustworthy. In this context let us remind one of most colorful anti-evolution voices recently heard. Maciej Giertych, dendrologist with recognized scientific achievement, who was euro-deputy from League of Polish Families, said: “Media try very hard to hide facts about archeological finds showing coexistence of humans and dinosaurs. In few places is information about human foot prints in the same fossil layer where the dinosaur foot prints are. Pictures of dinosaurs are found in pre-Columbian art (stones Ica in Peru). Reliefs were recently found in more than thousand years old temple Ta Prohm in Cambodia, showing all kinds of animals and among them dinosaur (Stegosaurus). Marco Polo described chariot of Chinese Emperor pulled by dragon. Stories about dragons are known in all cultures (Wawel, Loch Ness, Godzilla, saint George killing a dragon etc.). Maybe dinosaurs are a remnant in historical memory of humanity “ – reasons Giertych. Who wouldn’t like sometimes to ride a dinosaur? Big plus for creationism and minus for Darwin. Secondly, theory of evolution somehow means a theory of progress. More and more advanced organisms climb on the “ladder of life”. In this meaning evolution fit leftist world view. Though leftists also like sometimes to complain; however ideologically, left (or “world leftists”) remains strongly connected with narrative of progress. Leftist (and also liberal) vision of the world is based on perfecting it and emancipation. Key factor appears to be role of the state, which regulates relations between people, gradually eliminating from social life violence, sickness, hunger etc. “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo/ Source: Wikipedia/ public domain. Meanwhile, majority of evolution theory adversaries propose some version of fall narrative. World was created perfectly and then, because of man’s pride, everything started to corrupt. This vision perfectly agrees with conservative world view claiming that it was better in the past. By the way, who does not want to complain, from time to time, on direction the world is heading? Thus, we have another point for creationism. Creationists right action # I don’t Come From Monkey, which is small steps promotion of creationsm, achieved on Facebook merely 591 fans, but fact, that subject of creationism appeared at all in public discourse and media, should be recognized as its small success. I believe in evolution. Therefore, I am afraid of small successes, because in sufficiently long time they may lead to radical change. Perhaps we are witnesses of such slow, evolutionary, but essential change. Slowly, in small steps, Poland alongside the USA and Turkey, joins company of countries, where opposition to evolution becomes not only more and more popular among people at large, but first of all is tightly connected with political program of the right. Where do we go?


Marcin Napiorkowski lectures in the Institute of Polish Culture, Warsaw University. He study contemporary myths. In the columns of Magazine TV24, in the series #this is conspiracy! He regularly follows world conspiracies. Let tremble reptilians, masons, cyclists and vegans. Nobody can feel safe, and you remain monitoring. Truth will soon come out in daylight!